Managing your company insurance program can be daunting at times, yet there are some very good strategies to lower your total exposure and that will result in a lower cost.  At Core Insurance, we will program a customized insurance package for you and build a plan to manage your risk.  Then together we will be able to reduce your exposure to claims which will result in lower insurance premiums.  The formula works because it is tried and true.


Core Insurance is a full-service consulting and brokerage practice that helps develop creative solutions for your employee benefits package.  We love showing off the solutions we have for small groups (2-50 employees) and large groups (50+ employees). 


Many people don’t try to change anything with their personal insurance policies because they have the mindset, “if isn’t not broke, don’t fix it”.  That can be a risky way of insuring your personal assets.  We find that many people are underinsured and overpaying for what they have.  Give us a chance and we can do a great job insuring your home, vehicles, toys, Airbnb properties, and cottage.


We become laser focused once we get all the information.  Then we serve as a guide through the insurance regulations, requirements, and the never-ending compliance expectations. 


Please share with us your short-term and long-term business goals.  We will assess how we can add value to your company and determine what things we can take off your plate. 


We will collaborate to create a plan for the current year and make sure that folds into the overarching plan.  We will outline our commitments to you, and define how we measure success.


We roll up our sleeves and through pleasant persistence we complete the plan and track our results. 


We measure the results, ask for your input on how we are doing, figure out what is working well, and determine what we will accomplish next.

We take pride in being your most accessible and approachable advisor.

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